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lincoln city, or.

lincoln city drinking holes
kodiak - Once there existed a cursed restaurant/bar space in Lincoln City. Every venture died there, done in by the usual culprits that close such places on the Oregon Coast:
old oregon - The regulars call it the Old O and after spending time there over the years, I feel it's not too outrageous to suggest the nickname stands not for the Old Oregon Tavern in Lincoln City--which it does--but really, some of the patrons last, long ago orgasm. Maybe in the Johnson Administration.
Pier 101 pier 101 - A Deluxe Bar. No Sushi. No Yuppie Food.
the pines/snug harbor - In the southern-most section of Lincoln City, in what used to be an incorporated town called Taft, named long ago after the fattest president in American history, there are two bars across 101 from one another.

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