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oregon coast

the best place to drink

Since Launching Let it Pour several years ago I am often asked two questions:

1) Are you an alcoholic?

2) What is the best bar on the North Oregon Coast?

To the former I answer, “Well, sort of, at least until the American Fascist Interregnum is over.” To the latter, I answer, “Well, it’s not really a bar, it’s a place.” A place? You can smoke there or take in nothing but fresh air. You can be alone or surrounded by freaks. You can lose it or pull yourself together. You can fish or be “fishers of men.” You can light a campfire or be in complete darkness. You can sculpt or write couplets with only organic objects. You can have sex or practice what Woody Allen called “sex with someone you love” -- masturbation. You can scream or retreat to a coma. You can bring toys or come without things. You can debauch yourself or be baptized. You can loaf and invite your soul or plot an overthrow of this or that. You can count your blessings or succumb to the blackness. You can do something useful or absolutely nothing useful. To reach the best place on the North Oregon Coast to drink, head west and down in elevation until you can’t head west any farther and hit sea level. You are now at what former Oregon Governor Oswald West called “…our great birthright.” Weather conditions and the time of day are irrelevant. BYOB. I prefer a 40 ouncer of cheap lager of the brands formerly brewed in the Pacific Northwest by union men. You are on an Oregon Coast beach and the public owns it and always will. We won’t end up like Malibu or Nice. Highway engineers will never build more highways on pilings here. You will never have to rent a lounge chair to rest on the sand. No fat security guard wearing a headset is ever going to say you are trespassing. The best place to drink on the North Oregon Coast? The beach. It cannot be topped. Drop everything and go there today.

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